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  • ✔ Price Check

    Area, City, Neighborhood data
  • ✔ Area Characteristics

    Get to know the areas you’re looking at without the hassle of traveling to them
  • ✔ Price Trending

    Get an idea if it’s the right time to jump into the market
  • ✔ School’s

    Area, City, Neighborhood data
  • ✔ Shop & Restaurants

    Understand if you’ll be in the mix or in a quieter neighborhood
  • ✔ Transportation

    Understand how connected the you’ll be
  • ✔ Crime Rates

    Don’t get sold a bad apple


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  • ✔ Market Grader

    Area, City, and Neighborhood understand potential with a glance
  • ✔ Seasonality Trends

    Get a leg up by understanding pricing trends
  • ✔ Agency Analysis

    Who’s the best to work with
  • ✔ Deep Statistical analysis

    Leave no stone unturned
  • ✔ Area Analyzer Trending

    Identify the hot spots before others
  • ✔ Keyword Analysis

    Know what property attributes add to pricing


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